Kamis, 06 Juni 2013

Sweaty Pinky

Hey, today I was done my aerobic task from my school. Yihaaa! Still cant believe, I just dont have any task anymore! 
Sorry for dark photos, guys.

  • Top and Bottom: Mom's Collection
  • Shoes: Reebok
  • Watch: Furla
  • Accesories: Naughty

Have a nice day! 

Jumat, 31 Mei 2013


 Good evening fellas!
How are you, guys? I bet you have a nice day, huh? :-)
Just got some new stuff from friends. And this is my outfit of the day, too.

  •  Top: Sister's stuff
  • Bottom: TW (from my twinnie!<3 thanks btw!)
  • Belt: Planet Surf
  • Shoes: Buccheri
  • Necklace: Gifted
  • Ring: Hello Friday Shop (@hellofriday_shop on instagram!)

Hmm guys, I just want to tell you something about "Boyfriend". I dont understand why some people over-panicking about being single. Relationship is full of drama. Yup, I do believe. Why the hell people said, "omg, I want a boyfriend. I think I'm forever alone!!!" Like, bitch? You aint that lonely! There's so much people love you for who you are. 
I have a boyfriend, but..... I'm not givin a ffff for the bullshit, called romance :-)


I know some people have different perception about relationship. 

Got this temporarry tatto on my thigh, named "The Queen Bitch" :-P

Love y'all:-) XX

Kamis, 23 Mei 2013

Be Happy. Be bad in a good way.


I've been so busy now. High School suck. Some people said; You'll be miss high school moment. Huh? I know. But, yeah, now I feel so tired. Assignments, teacher, drama, omg. I feel like the stupidest student in the class, you know? I dont know how to tell this, hahaha. 
Then, my senior said that I'm so disrespectful and arrogant. Bitch please... they thought if I'm wearing shorts, tank-top, miniskirt, I was a bitch? hello, this is my style, I love fashion. You just need to deal with it. Wtf is wrong with the outfit? I'm not naked, I'm still wearing a clothes! Chill. Hmm... 
But, who cares? Haters gonna hate. And they dont deserve my attention, so I will ignore them :D They hate on me cause I'm doing what they cant, right? Hahahahahahahaha. Be happy, Kid.
By the way, some people said, I'm the baddest girl in Student Organization in my school. I'm just being happy with my freakness and weirdness. Hahahahahahaha. I dont give a ffff, anyway. I'm born to be wild, Ma'am. Born to be happy. I'm born this way :P 

Just be bad in a good way:)) 

And, this is some photos of me (self-portrait) and some random "outfit of the day", I took the photos with my phone, so its not really clear. Some photos are took with web-camera, too:) 

what i wore: cap//Hat 'n Cap, Top//duatigastore, Legging//BybShop, necklace//Butik Accesories


Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

BW Stripe & Square


Yup! Everybody's know that I'm a laziness girl in the world-_- I know I'm gonna be a Mother of two cute girl, but... I can't deny anymore.
I love my room actually, but I will move to my Mom's room if my room is messed up-_- ew such a bad girl. This is some photos of me in my (messy) room. 

censored *_*


Okay, so now you've seen my room-__- cable everywhere, clothes everywhere, and blah... I just want to tell ya' that is today is my bad hair day. I dont know what I have to do with my hair!!! Everything's a mess! 

what i wore: Top//Chic Girl, Bottom//number61, Bag//Rusty, Shoes//Germany ShoeStore

Happy Sunday,

Minggu, 10 Maret 2013

Gloomy Sunday


today is sunday and i dont have any sunday feelin'. all plans are cancelled grrr. first, i wanna go swimming with my mom, but when it's 6am, the rain is fallin down! second, at 2 pm Violet Beauty&Skin Care is my destination, and its cancelled cause my mom had to go with her friends! what the hell is going on?! oh yeah, and third, my brother's make a BIG problem! oh my fuckin god! trouble trouble trouble...

yesterday my package from @duatigastore just arrived on my bed! whoah im so excited. when i used this cropped-top im so happy, so comfortable! the price is just 60k! affordable price, right? but have a good quality :))  they sell cropped top, fringe tee, and many more:) and i got this highwaist pants from @olalashopa this pants fits me perfectly<3 i love to wear it! they sell so many things, top, bottom, etc. dont forget to click the link and follow their twitter:)) i bet you want to buy it! ;)

what i wore: cropped-top//Duatiga Store, highwaist-bottom//OlalaSHOPA, collar//Cizzyus Connection, hat//unbranded, shoes//Converse