Sabtu, 04 Agustus 2012


hello people!
sorry, i've been gone so long and now i'm come back!
i dont know how to tell you ^^
but enjoy this post!

i do this interviewed a few weeks ago. sorry, kak yuki for the late post:(
oh and i dont even tell you about kak yuki yet?
yes, maybe you know this girl^^ she's so cute and have a nice taste of fashion!
her blog : bellionducky

tell about your self?
i'm from Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. i'm 18 years old now. i've become a fashion blogger since a year ago.

how to be a good fashion blogger?
i think is, post decent stuff to make people see. not an issue price of the goods, but about our style. now i like to be disappointed, a lot of new fashion blogger who does not see the quality but its have many followers. embarrassing if seen senior fashion blogger.

purpose of which did not see the quality that is how?
that is, the clothes he was wearing it at random, the photo is not clear but it has many followers. would like is not responsible. be a lot of followers but his blog does not deserve to be seen. for me, a fashion blog that's not a trend, but our passion in the world of fashion, then its about our quality not about our followers:)

how to get a comment from another bloggers?
nah, we must be diligent blogwalking to other blogs, because, if we commented on the another blog fashion bloggers, certainly we get a commented back.

who's your inspirator?
my inspirator is Anastasia Siantar from brown platform, and Diana Rikasari from hot chocolate and mint.

how's the beginning of you when become a fashion blogger?
the beginning, i still do not understand. the pictures are ugly. the blog is also not good, no blog comments. then i studied to photograph and design my own blog. the result, yes, it is now.

who's your sponsors?
quite a lot. OASAP, chicco-couture, cizzyus connection, de glow, and AryaB :)

who's design your blog?and who's your photographer?
my blog is designed by me. and my photographer is my friends:)

how you can get a sponsors?
average, they are interested to my blog and because i often shop in their shop.

do you have a fellow fashion blogger? and what's the type of your camera?
i have. but not from the same town:(because, fashion blogger from Pekanbaru just me. i'm using Nikon D300.

who are they?
they are Nia from this is real and this is me, and Ayu Damayanthi from Voyage Of a Big Girl:)

Okay thank for the interview kak yuki ^^
this is some photos of Kak Yuki!


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  1. lovely post!
    dont forget to visit my blog,there's an online blog shop:)

  2. beautiful blog darling, loving the whole theme. x

  3. Saya suka pertanyaannya di wawancara ini :D and Yuki terlihat bukan hanya sebagai fashion blogger yg biasa saja, tapi juga seorang yg suka fashion tapi bisa berbagi tips ! And it's great ♥
    Sukses terus untuk Lita and Yuki ♥
    I was ready to be your sponsorship ! Wait the fabulous stuff ♥

    1. hello bang nius<3
      kak yuki memang keren banget! btw, makasih doanya o:) amin!
      selalu menunggu new stuff dari cizzyus<3<3


  4. thanks for the post lita :)


    1. you are very welceom kak yuki:)


  5. Beautiful pictures, beautiful outfits, you look stunning dear.
    I just created a new blog I would love if you can visit, if you decide to give me a chance to see what I post in the future by following me I promise to follow you back ASAP* waiting on you visit

  6. thanks darling<3<3<3
    i will visit ur blog later,comment on your post, and follow your blog too:)
    i will tell you:)



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