Kamis, 13 September 2012

My First Award!

This is my quick post before I go to my bed:)
I just read a comment that is came from Ruby and Rosa. This is my really first time! I got an award!
I'm really really excited tonight!
I should say thanks to two cute girl, Ruby and Rosa who is choose me for this award!

*say thank to people who is nominated you in this award and link them
*mention 11 things about you
*mention 11 fashion blogger that is you choose to deserve this award

And, 11 things about me is:

1. I'm 15th now
2. I live in Jambi, Sumatera:)
3. I have one sister and love to fight with her
4. I love shoes pretty much!
5. I'm so naugthy in my school, but I'm not that stupid, lol
6. I really love to hangout with my friends, and do something crazy
7. I can't move on from my ex until now, but I love my new boyf LOL
8. I'm a short story writer in my town
9. I fall in love with money! lol
10. My mom inspire me in fashion
11. I like food!

So, this is my answer for Ruby&Rosa Question:

1. who is your role model and why?
=my role model is my mom2. Iphone or Blackberry?
=Blackberry:D3. whats your favorite quote?
='I enjoy Fashion' - Bjorn Borg. so simple, right?4. your favorite fashion items?
= shoes!5. choose 3words that describe you the most
=cheerful, silly, and naughty6. hanging out at beach in a beautiful island or taste a yummy dessert in cafe?
=hanging out at beach in beautiful island!7. whats your favorite dessert and where to get it?
=umm...tiramisu from Dine&Chat8. what software did you use to make you header picture?
=photoshop.9. what place do you want to visit the most?
=umm...makkah with my big fams<310. branded items or unbranded awesome items ?
=i like both! :D11. be smart in education or be an outgoing person?
= be an outgoing person:)

And, I will choose...

  1. Yuki Lusiana Eka from bellionducky
  2. Ade Kurnianingrum Handika from this is real and this is me<3
  3. Kimberly Kong from Sensible Stylista
  4. Chintya Dewi from Daily Life
  5. Violet from Roses Are Reds...Violets Are Blue
  6. Ney and Cha from Caney-Candy
  7. Amanda Destyani from Enjoy Life! Enjoy Style!
  8. Gogui O from Timeless Look
  9. Eudora from little girl's BIG dream
  10. Tresnaniy from the pretty rabbit <3
  11. Nailin Naiziyah from Nailin Naziyah's Blog
  • who is ur favorite fashion blogger?
  • who is ur motivator?
  • what is ur favorite dress color?why?
  • who is ur favorite singer?
  • Louis Vuitton or Chanel? and tell me why!
  • where is ur favorite place in ur house?
  • who is one person who always beside you?
  • do u like ice cream?what taste?
  • who is ur favorite desginer?why?
  • who is ur favorite fashion blogger?
  • and the last, choose: shoes, dress, or accesories?
so that's all!:) night:)

10 komentar:

  1. Thanks so muchhh!!!! <3 Gogui O

  2. congrats. btw, jawaban atas pertanyaannya menyusul ya dek :)


    1. terimakasih kak yuki<3
      hhe iya ditunggu kak:)


  3. Aww thank you so much pretty ;3 i'll post about it soon dear :D

    1. your welcome kakNia:)
      i'll be waiting:p


  4. Wah, thanks dear :) and congratulation for you !
    We'll be post it ASAP ♥


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